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Reflecting on the Journey…

As some of you know, I started writing Within the Ward as part of my doctoral studies at USC: University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia back in 2015. The journey of this book has spanned:
• Writing copious notes.
• Experimenting with voice.
• Drawing wonky diagrams of dream reality landscapes.
• Deciding I simply must read the Divergent Series again.
• Adding commas to sentences.
• Deleting commas from sentences.
• Meetings with my supervisors.
• More writing and rewriting.
• Researching Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy.
• Workshopping with peers and friends at USC.
• Reading the Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver. Crying. Reading it again.
• Writing cover letters, synopses, and pitches.
• Being offered a publishing contract with Rhiza Edge.
• Telling people that my book will be published.
• Forgetting who I’ve already told about my book. Instead telling people about our new fridge and its ability to keep food cool without leaking everywhere when someone asks, ‘What’s new?’
• Edits, copyedits, and proofs.
• Discussions about cover design.
• Holding the actual, printed book and thinking, ‘This is real.’
I’ve learnt a lot and am still learning, and I’m so glad to share this book with you!
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