Within the Ward

It’s finally here! My YA dystopian novel Within the Ward was published by Rhiza Edge in Oct, 2021, and I’m excited to share it with the world! To buy the book, head to Booktopia or the Rhiza Edge website, or order it in at your local bookshop. Here is the blurb, to give you an idea of what it’s about:

Paige Newell can’t stop feeling–and hurting. The 17-year-old has never fit in, since her turbulent emotions and rebellious streak place her at odds with Raydale’s clinical rationality. When her best friend dies, Paige is ready to end it all. But, before she can make a final exit, she’s admitted to Raydale State Hospital. There, she is immersed in a dream reality, called ‘the Journey’. If patients finish the Journey, then they can go home. 

The Journey is meant to be the cure, but Paige soon discovers dark forces within the hospital, and that the dream reality is the stuff of nightmares. Paige wants to escape her pain, but is drawn into the lives of other patients. When they need her help, she must act. Paige can’t get the past back, but maybe the future is within reach. Can the patients escape the ward? And can Paige find reasons to live?

All the Bright Places meets Divergent in this compelling YA novel that explores mental health in a dystopian tomorrow.

Click here to purchase a copy from Booktopia!


Click here to grab a copy from Rhiza Edge!