img_20161215_182638Welcome to my website! My name is Emily Larkin, and I am an Australian author who specialises in fantasy and young-adult drama. I have published short stories in online literary journals and magazines, including Meniscus, Seizure, Number Eleven Magazine, and The Zodiac Review. I also completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in creative writing at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2014, graduating with Class 1, Division 1. My free time is spent reading, discussing Horcruxes, magic cupboards, and the best method of time travel with family and friends, and having long conversations with my characters. I believe stories have the power to transport, inspire, and entertain, and maintain that reading is the best way to gain a fresh perspective.

My illustrated book The Whirlpool has been accepted for publication with Wombat Books and will be released in 2017.

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