thumb_dsc_0248_1024-copyHere are some links to my published work in literary journals and magazines:

Options – a short story published in Meniscus

Two teenagers – Lily and Patrick – explore their options. While Lily feels the possibilities of entering an adult world are opening to her, Patrick’s hopes for the future are buried by grief.

Falling – flash fiction published in Seizure

The protagonist spirals into a sea of stars. Will she reach the surface again?

The Dance – a short story published by Number Eleven magazine

Jamie and Cole have been friends for a long time. Their relationship is marked by banter and teasing – and sometimes both wonder if their interactions are a series of jokes, or a long argument. Should they sustain a romance? Trying to decide is the dance they do.

The Amber Light – flash fiction published in The Zodiac Review

This is the moment where everything changes…

There’s no going back.

The Wall – flash fiction published in Seizure

A raw soundbite into a relationship. Should they hold on, or let go?

Awake – a short story published in Literary Orphans

The story of a girl haunted, and comforted, by Death.