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I’m stoked to have booked a table at Supanova Comic Con & Gaming‘s Brisbane event this year. I look forward to selling copies of Within the Ward and meeting lots of lovely people. I’ve attended Supanova a bunch of times over the years and love it!
What’s not to love?!
Colourful costumes – √
Happy, passionate nerds… ahhhh, my people – √
Conversations about Pokemon and D&D – √
All of the things to buy! Candles, clothes, artwork, and books, books, books! – √
Lunch with friends – √
The feeling that there’s been a tear (or maybe total dismantling) in the universe/space-time continuum, allowing multiple realities to collide. I mean, where else would you encounter Hermione Granger alongside Galadriel, Vegeta, and Darth Vader? (Oh, right… maybe in fanfaction.) Anyway… huge tick! (√)

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