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Revenge of the Camera!

Slightly awkward situation. Ewok Em 2

I’ve been asked to provide a recent photo to be published alongside a short story I’ve got coming out soon.
Unfortunately, in the only half-decent photos of me from the last six months, I am dressed up like an Ewok (complete with a spear), wearing a backwards cap or loud pop culture shirt, cuddling my ex-boyfriend (when he wasn’t my ex), or going as Pikachu to my sister’s birthday party.

Apparently, “professional” is not my look.

So, what to do? I’ve attempted the selfie. I manage to squint a lot when I smile. In fact, my eyes are mostly closed even when I know exactly when the photo is going to be taken.

I could ask someone else to take a few pics of me, but I get kind of self-conscious about the whole thing and my smile rarely looks genuine when it’s not. So I could just run with the Ewok shot. I mean, those fuzzy little guys did help overthrow the Empire. That has to win some respect, right?

But it seems to me that photos of authors are usually distinguished black-and-white shots of women sipping wine with one hand curled around a book, or men gazing pensively into the distance. Sometimes writers are captured sitting at their desks, perched over a typewriter, adjusting their spectacles, or patting a cat. Their expressions vary from intense concentration to dream-like trances. Rarely do you see an author beaming, or in costume.

Maybe I could start a trend. Pretty soon every author photo pinned next to work online, or printed on the dust cover of a book, will resemble a Supanova happy-snap. It’ll be a great way to learn about your favourite writers’ interests.

…I may have attached the wrong image to the email I just sent. Instead of the Ewok photo, I must have clicked on the one next to it: me as a Hogwarts’ student.

I look totally ridiculous.


Me as a Gryffindor student.
Me as a Gryffindor student.








Attack of the Ewok!
Attack of the Ewok!

2 thoughts on “Revenge of the Camera!

  1. Interesting thoughts Emily! I love your blog.
    I think most people in any photo are portraying a character (except when lost in the moment). I’m holding a wine glass looking pensive into the distance is a character in itself. I know when I’m in character costume it’s easier for photos because it’s not vulnerable me feeling awkward. What is a photo for anyway? Why is there a cringe assessment with each snap?
    Otherwise why does everyone pout or pose for photos? Contorted faces, mouthing “thirteen” and fully aware of best sides? Maybe the rawest photos are those stolen, unaware a photo is being taken? But then do we like what we see?
    I must say Em, you make an adorable Ewok!

    1. Hi Becky, thanks for commenting! I understand what you mean about candid shots as opposed to posed photos. I like some candids, but mostly when they’re of other people. A couple of times I’ve seen a photo of myself that was clearly taken when I wasn’t expecting it, and said, ‘Oh no! Look at my expression in this one!’ and someone usually responds with, ‘Oh, you pull that face all the time!’.

      You make a good point about how people take on a role when they know they’re being photographed.

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