The Best of Me

I’m not funky.

You know that it’s true.

‘Sophisicated’ is something I don’t do.

Everyone’s wondering who I’m gonna be.

Won’t be who they want,

No, I’ll just be me.


Don’t pick up my cues

I don’t wait my turn.

I try not to stumble

I just want to learn

What’s deep inside me,

And who will I be?

I’ll search out my days

For the best of me.


Sometimes I feel broken.

I want to be strong.

Sometimes I am right

And sometimes I’m wrong.

I know I’ll keep trying;

I’ll blunder along.

And carry the places

Where I’ve come from.


I don’t rush in

I leave it to time

Hoping I’ll find out

Someday, what’s mine.

Everyone’s asking who I’m gonna be

I’ll walk my own way and I’ll just be me.


I don’t understand you.

You’re different to me,

And rearrange the pieces

Of who you will be.

You lend me your eyes

So that I can see

And soak up the colours

Each day offers me.


We’re running in circles

You come and you go.

Sometimes you say ‘yes’;

Sometimes you say ‘no’.

I’m all tangled up in uncertainty

I hope that you keep coming back to me.


I’m not a smooth person:

I unthread, I fray.

I can’t always work out

What I should say.

But my words grow bolder

And you’re hearing me

Trying to voice

All the best in me.


Things are a-changing

They’re moving along.

I found a few moments

And wrote you this song.

Life’s a strange journey

Of discovery.

You’re finding the keys

To the best of me.


You say I’m your anchor

I’m your gravity.

I help you be you; you help me be me.

Don’t know where we’re going

But it’s plain to see

I’m glad that you’re traveling next to me.


We go chasing starlight

Our fingers brush sky.

My soul fills with light

And I think I know why.

Hold onto this feeling

Don’t let it pass by

Your name is my anthem

Touch raises me high.


I know that I trust you

I know you trust me.

When you are around

I’m flying, I’m free.

I’m dying to know

What is it you see?

I’ve learnt that you bring out

The best of me.


I’m not the brightest

But I know a few things.

I’ve tasted of love

And the joy that it brings.

We’re on a journey

And it’s clear to see

That we’ll stick together,

You and me.