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The Chair Struggle

I am currently being edged off my chair by my cat.

He jumped up behind me, acting as though he wanted nothing more than a cuddle. It was a clever rouse, because all he really wants is my chair. Instead of settling on my lap, he pushed into the gap between my back and the chair’s, and now he’s stretching out to nudge me away. While purring.

There are eight free chairs at this table. But he wants the one I’m sitting on. I’m in danger of falling off, since I’m too focused on getting important work done on my computer (okay, fine, checking my emails), to actually confront my own cat. I’m perched right on the edge. He’s winning the chair struggle. He’s grey, white, and fuzzy, and weighs about four kilos, and somehow he’s winning.

No. I’m not going to stand for this…or keep sitting in this ridiculously uncomfortable way. I slip off my chair, and move him to the one next to me.

He does not look impressed.